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Dr. Cathy Hollstrom


Starting the new year with a sense of self-care and focus on my body feels great. I came in because of a friend's recommendation and I'm so glad I did. This is my first time seeing a chiropractor for general well being and prevention versus acute pain and it has been wonderful. Thanks Dr. Cathy for your advice, support, and care.


Pivotal Wellness has been great for fixing my scoliosis and neck issues.

Dr. Cathy has helped my back and neck out a lot.  My back pain has subsided.  My back and neck are slowly working their way back to a normal position.  My hips are also slowly realigning themselves.  It is a work in progress but I am happy with the results so far.

Diana has also helped a lot with muscle pain as well as tension in my shoulders and neck from stress.  My body feels much more limber.  I am also happy with the results of the weekly massages.

I went snowshoeing over the weekend and it had been a while since I did any physical activity.  However, my body had very minimal aches and pains.  In the past after snowshoeing or exercise my body would be so sore and I would have a hard time moving.  It even would be sore the next day.  But after having massages and adjustments weekly for the past few months, my body is doing much better after physical activity.

I am very happy with the progress I am making and with all of the help that Diana and Dr. Cathy have done for me these past few months with getting my body back to where it should be.

Erik K.

There are a million positive things I could say about Dr. Brian and his team at Pivotal Wellness. I was in a car accident a year and a half ago and my body took the ultimate toll. I started chiropractic treatment at another clinic within 2 weeks of my accident because of the tremendous pain I was in. This clinic cracked my back in 2 spots and sent me out the door. After doing that for a month my symptoms heightened quickly and got worse. That's when I found Pivotal Wellness. Upon arrival I was treated like family. They took xrays, asked me detailed questions about my sustained injuries, documented everything, and got to work. Dr. Brian is so sensitive to your body's needs and only adjusts what is needed that appointment. I couldn't bend, pick anything up and I'm a single mom of 2 young boys, stand or sit longer than 5 minutes, had severe nerve referral down my legs, whiplash with migraines and vertigo, and so much more. Over this year and a half of chiropractic care, massage from the most incredible masseuse, and full body wellness I can say I am healed! I can run again, stand on my feet as a hairstylist for 8 hours a day NO PAIN, and get back to enjoying life with my boys!! These people are absolutely phenomenal and truly know what they're doing. They changed my health and I'm so grateful!

Sharalyn B.

I love Pivotal Wellness. All of the staff are so kind and helpful. Cathy is always so cheerful and funny, her help is so much appreciated in every way. Diana is also so happy and I love getting massages. They feel so good and she does an amazing job. Dr. Brian always welcomes us in and always asks how school was. They always show kindness and try to help you in anyway they can. I have scoliosis myself, so I feel that a lot and it feels good to get treatment. If you are reading this, you should totally come and see Pivotal Wellness. I love it here!

Ryne K.

Dr. Brian and staff have been nothing short of awesome. Their extensive knowledge and passion for what they do shines through every time I visit. Nothing short of awesome. Thanks so much guys.

Nick M.

Everyone is always so pleasant & my back, neck & shoulder are so much better. I highly recommend Pivotal Wellness to anyone I meet who has any back or neck issues.

j jj

Dr. Cathy has been great for helping me with my scoliosis. My back is already showing improvement after only a few sessions. Diana has also been great with the massages to help with my overall treatment.


The most specific and thorough treatment from any Chiropractic clinic I have ever received. This is where I refer my clients too.

Patricia F.

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