Science-Based Nutritional Evaluation

The Science Based Nutrition (SBN) Evaluation involves a detailed analysis of your body’s chemistry and includes several data points of collection:

  • The first piece of information we will gather is the Patient Symptom Survey (PSS). The PSS is a comprehensive, multi-system, multi-symptom questionnaire that captures clinically relevant information, specific to you. The PSS is an integral part of the SBN Evaluation, which must be completed and returned to our office before we request specific blood work, please be very specific when filling out page 6.
  • The second piece of information we will gather is a Bioimpedence Analysis (BIA), along with a zinc taste test, salivary pH test, and urinalysis. You will schedule for this data to be collected within our office prior to having your blood drawn.
  • Finally we will acquire a thorough Blood Panel which will provide a current snap shot of your “living biochemistry.” Blood comprises about 10% of your body by weight, and provides the most objective means to accurately determine key clinical markers. Our office will provide you with a lab requisition form that you will need to get your blood drawn. This panel requires a 12 hour fast. Drink only water during the 12 hours prior to the blood test to stay hydrated normally.

Additional costs are involved for additional testing. Hair tissue analysis (used to determine heavy metal toxicity and your ability to detoxify), salivary hormones panels (used to determine cortisol levels as related to adrenal function, for example), and other detailed functional medicine laboratory testing considerations may be added when necessary.

The total investment for this evaluation is $400 including the PSS analysis, blood panel, BIA, and one hour follow up report/consultation. Payment is required prior to the completion of blood work and scheduling your follow up report. We recommend retesting in approximately 90 days (PSS, relevant blood work and BIA) to monitor your progress, and update our clinical recommendations moving forward.

We reserve sixty (60) minutes to review and report this combined information. You will receive a detailed, customized report, and based upon your results we will determine the best nutrition, diet, and supplementation for you. This analysis will allow us to personalize your treatment, track your progress, and move towards your healthcare goals.

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