As you begin your journey here, your health is always our primary concern. We approach each patient as an individual and realize that, although many patients experience similar complaints, the origin for these symptoms often varies significantly from person to person. Our evaluation and treatments are focused on identifying and correcting the underlying cause of your problem, as well as providing symptomatic relief.

We offer two paths:

Nutritional Evaluation - a "snapshot" of your nutritional standing, identifying general areas of concern and supplying supplemental solutions

Science-Based Nutritional Evaluation - the "big picture"; the addition of urinalysis and bloodwork analysis allows for a much more comprehensive study of your body's chemistry

Please be sure to visit our Dietary Considerations page for helpful day-to-day guidelines on eating well, supplementation, and basic essentials that benefit all.

10/28 day sugar cleanse

PH scale

Kidney Tea Protocol

Ph Saliva Testing

Zinc Tast Test

Axillary Temperature Results

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