Andoni Ibarzabal

Andoni Ibarzabal

Andoni Ibarzabal

Muscle Activation Technique Specialist

Andoni moved to Fort Collins from Spain with his wife Olaia. He worked as a physical therapist for a rugby team at the Spanish main rugby league. Since 2012, Andoni has worked to improve his client's injuries which stems from his love for practicing sports. He has treated rugby players and all kind of athletes from triathletes to trail runners, as well as weight-lifters, soccer, and basketball players. Andoni is a physical therapist, Osteopath Muscle Activation Technique Specialist, and a physical education teacher.

Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.) is a technique that connects nerves and muscles to improve range of motion, fight reason for muscle tightness, and treat chronic pain. Andoni believes that MAT helps not only to shorten injury rehabilitation periods but also to prevent injuries. He feels it is a master tool for anyone who tries to recover from an injury or just improve as an athlete.

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